it shouldn’t matter..

great world again for projects after class. oh wait, did i even attend class? hahaha. woke up to sab’s SMS asking which LT the class is held at like 10am, which is, yes, the time lecture starts! rushed down to school to find class ending duper early. OH WELLS. quite amazed that i actually missed my alarm clock, so rare can..

final chowdown was funny, looking at how the participants stuff themselves with hot dog buns. but the pouring of water to soften the buns was damn gross! hahaha, but congrats to uncle cao for coming in first! he finished 7 of them in 15 minutes; amazing! anyways, the purpose of this entry is to blog 3 stupid photos taken today. (:

rene’s long eye.



sorry tao han, or whatever his name is! i think we kinda insulted him with that. but well, just for laughs lah. HAHAHA.