happy deepavali!

it’s a monday, a public holiday, and most importantly, MUMMY’S BIRTHDAY! *grins* as usual, sis booked a table for us at Quality Hotel’s Lotus Restaurant for our veryfull&fat buffet lunch as a birthday treat for mummy. met up with the clique after that at PS for a movie. well, have been enjoying myself a little too much and i suppose it’s time to start mugging again TMR; just bring back my routine life….

food galore! a couple, not all, of the servings we took. ((:

shots with the main lead of the day.

the daddy and the THREE beautiful daughters. myLOVES. ((:

vain peeps in the toilet. check out FB for a couple more random shots. heh.

my duper cool driver daddy. *laughs* it was THAT sunny today anyways. talking about driving, daddy has been constantly nagging about how long i haven’t drove. i wonder if anyone else has such problem too. haha. probably old drivers will always assume that NEW drivers should drive often to avoid forgetting the skills. but well, my answer is: if you buy me a GPS, i definitely will drive around more.. heh.

with mummy and her birthday cake from ryan. (:

with my girls before the show.

poster for the movie we watched. reviews? don’t bother. hahaha. should have just trusted the only review posted on yahoo movies. but alright lah, it wasn’t really that LOUSY. just that i didn’t really get the storyline and it wasn’t very horrifying. it succeeded pretty well by startling me at quite a handful of parts though. it made us all screamed silently. HAHAHA!

just quite a bit.