i think i..

rights, in the midst of the exams, we took time off to attend the birthday party of our very special Indian friend, VINOD! *laughs* everyone partied like exams were over although we were still studying like just hours before the party started. virgin trip to wala wala and i must say, the place really rocks! i had an awesome night and i’m pretty sure everyone who went enjoyed themselves too. ((:

firstly, photo credits to babe as usual. she’s always the provider of photos and majority of the photos were taken by her too! everyone was so taking her for granted by calling “ALTHEA ALTHEA, PHOTO PHOTO!” each time they want a photo taken. *laughs* as much as she wants to be IN the photos, she had no complaints being the one taking them as well. tell me where to find such a dear girl? ((:

us with the birthday boy!

the band, UnXpected was totally awesome and there was a really huge crowd.

the most happening crowd, though, was over at our corner and everyone was so so so high that it was almost like a dancefloor at our side. even the band was pointing out how happening the group at our side was! hahah.

then, got pulled down from my comfy seat to the “dancefloor” as well. but i must say i really wasn’t as HIGH as them because i didn’t know most of the songs and what’s more, i didn’t drink as much as people was expecting me to. hahaha.

anyways, i swear i totally enjoyed looking at everyone around the area; jumping, dancing, and singing along to the live band the whole night, in my comfy seat.

had a few group photos which of course can be found on facebook because there are FOUR albums of them. as usual, i just selected a few. and and and.. i thought i was pretty free and i helped babe tag everybody in all the photos! HAHAHA. it took me like half an hour i think..

the MnP females.

our heads on polaroid.

vivi and the delicious NYDC cheesecake from us.

and the highlight of the entire night was vivi going up stage to perform his best-known hokkien song!! i swear the atmosphere was at its peak and of course, his most happening group of friends (US) was damn high screaming and cheering for him! the crowd was very supportive as well and with the support from the band as well, vivi rocked the place totally! i’m glad babe had it video-ed down. ((:

he had this waterfall drink from his friends which was meant to kill him but i think it didn’t really matter because it’s a once in a lifetime 23rd birthday. hahaha. and there was his poor dear little cousin, bhavani who will be sending him home. i wondered how she did it but hopefully she didn’t ROLL him home as suggested by i-don’t-know-who. thanks bernie for the ride home and once again, happy birthday vivi! i bet he had one of the best birthday celebrations as well.

on a sidenote, i know i should be mugging for OB right now instead of blogging but i’m pretty much done with memorising for now. in addition, with my itchy bloody red and swollen eyes, i guess i could do with a short nap before continuing with revision. paper tmr afternoon and i’ll be halfway done! all the best to all having their papers as well! hang on and the semester will be over SOON!

shouldn’t be.