9 days later!

oh, a missed out photo from yesterday! sis went to heat up the soup for me and we went to watch little nyonya. haha, so yup, that’s the result of it like about 15 minutes later when she suddenly recalled about it. oh well, got a dressing down by mummy as we have to throw it away. hahah.

as usual, spent my 20th of december with the clique! been celebrating my birthday with them on this day for the past… 2 years? heh. a special date reserved for them, hopefully for the next couple of years too. (:

had our lunches at mad jack and they bought me the rich chocolatey cake i had the last time there. yes, ONE WHOLE ONE! hahah, but of course, i only had one slice lah. it’s enough to make you sick have enough of it. hahaha

headed down to de coders cafe after that.

the four games we played for the 3 hours there.

the very first game.

my green wig.

hats party?

group shot! stupid beng, spoilt the picture with his……. oh nvm, i can’t think of what you call that. hahaha, anyways, i had real fun today! first time playing all the board games and stuff. thanks darlings! hahah. all other photos are up on facebook and sent to gladys! get from her alright? (:

rights, and i guess it’s pretty obvious i’m rushing this entry because we gotta catch a flight later on! heh, will be back on the 29th and till then, most probably won’t be blogging. hopefully my pay-as-you-roam application is successful so i can get all the smses and updates! on a side note, merry christmas in advanced to all! don’t miss me people! ciaos! (:

will be back!