slippery hands, maybe.

rights, as many of you have alr known my most recent heartbreak: the screen crack (like spiderman) on my dear 2-weeks-old omnia. seriously, can’t get any more unlucky. on the last day of the trip, this had to happen. i swear i almost cried my entire heart out. but well, hopefully i can do some backing up and get it fixed soon.. so yup, if i haven’t been replying your messages, please pardon me! i had so many messages in my drafts that i wanted to send the moment i’m back in Singapore but now, they’re all stucked there because i can’t see the screen at all! *PULLS HAIR*

rights, and i’m finally back from Taiwan! i seriously miss Singapore so much. or rather, i miss my laptop so so so much. *laughs* but well, too many photos to handle right now so i’ll probably upload them at a later date when i get the full set from other people and have them sorted out. but that’s going to take a super duper long time.

didn’t spend much because most of the time, daddy, mummy or sister paid for me. hahaha. a little too pampered. above are the only loots i got. take a look at couz’s and sister’s, you’ll know what i mean by me spending VERY little. anyways, the absolut masquerade is for babe cos she asked me to help her buy so yup, it isn’t mine! decided not to buy any alcohol because i’m going to quit drinking! *smiles* i mean, refrain from those heavy drinking lah, those light ones like an occasional cup or two is still fine.. (:

next, my birthday present from the clique! wooots. MANY MANY LOVES SERIOUSLY! hahaha. actually, they know i’ve been eyeing it for years lah. but never wanted to spend any monies on it. but anyways, although i was quite expecting it as a present alr, still a truckloads of thanks!

drove myself down to school at about 6.30am this morning to do some updates with my laptop before orientation. hahaha. actually i’m quite amazed i survived the entire day without any sleep since touching down at 3am and reaching home at nearly 5am. am really superb tired but i had fun. not much pictures but i guess i can dig some out to blog about some time later. this is just a SHORT entry to indicate that tse hwee is back and the blog will be alive again! HEH. till laters… (:

like i smiled.