long day.

and so, monday the 29th was a super long day for me and most of us as well. voice was kinda gone at the beginning of the day but it came back and went off again throughout the day. as i mentioned, reached school at about 6.30am. had my own free time till about 7.45am when we got our council tees and started the briefing. started welcoming all our freshies after that. my OG was the BBMFT sem 3 people and we named ourselves Jumping Jack, after our alphabet J. (:

babe with our group banner. as usual, my group was strong with girls. hahah. just like my previous OG, although the name was HERCULES, there were only 2 guys. hahaha. but not too bad, some of the girls were pretty enthu and the guys were good too.

only managed to take a few photos with my daddy’s spare phone before it died again. nah, i didn’t drop it, it just went out of battery this time round. so yup, leaving me uncontactable again. sadly, it died like only half day into the orientation so i didn’t manage to shoot any shots of them during the finale talent time. the cheers were pretty disappointing but no doubt, i think they did really well. (:

one of my worst nightmare occurring again. yup, WASABI. what a stupid station. hahaha. our group had to finish this plus 6 bottles of water because my dear freshies spinned these. actually we didn’t have to play but not wanting to see them die, i volunteered to help out with one bottle. so yup, i gulped down an entire bottle, which sums up to me drinking at least 4 full bottles of water. then, didn’t intend to touch the wasabi at all but seeing all my dear freshies suffering, i decided to help with two half-spoons. kinda regretted after that because it really made me nauseous.

the OGLs of Jumping Jack. supposed to be rene instead of misha but she was called to be the photographer. so yup, no rene. am awaiting so so so many more photos from her because she was forced to take so many photos of us! *laughs* sadly, there were really little photos of herself. oh well, nvm, next orientation, my dear! (:

water parade.