true fairytale.

caught the movie with gab last night. was awaiting this movie since before my taiwan trip. it was great cos i always liked this kinda fantasy movies. haha, but i was quite distracted by my phone throughout the entire show so i didn’t manage to catch each and every word of the dialogues. other than that, it was great! pretty hilarious at some parts and i think the two kids were REALLY ADORABLE! (:

had an ice cream at ben & jerry’s before that because someone had to satisfy his stomach. hahah, shall stop pointing fingers at who to blame, because i think ultimately it was me (haha), for us being late for the movie. not sure how much we missed at the front but well, at least the plot still continued fine. *smiles*

thank you LHR for everything, really appreciated it. (:

rights, am still trying to arrange all my photos taken during the 9 days trip. like.. we have 300 over pictures from each of our cameras – sister’s, daddy’s and mine. not too sure how many at shermian’s and candice’s but i reckon it’s going to be a lot. but well, i’ll only upload mine and daddy’s for my side so yup! be prepared to check them out at facebook. will be doing an entry when i’m done arranging. meanwhile, 2008 reflection will be up a minute before 2009! yea, i scheduled the post. hahaha.

coming true?