i feel pretty accomplished today. i found my way to peace centre with the help of maps. yes, MAPS that usually looked so alien to me. then, i found my way from there to my workplace with the help of my instinct. yes, my instinct actually worked! and, all by foot, i finished the tasks i have on hand for today in less than an hour. i am so glad, and i am so proud of myself. HAHAH.

went peace centre to get something printed. wanted to check out the prices there since i feel like i’ve got hacked at bras basah area the last time. my very first experience with posters printing was at sunshine plaza and it kinda set a benchmark. so yup, i thought it’d be better over at peace centre because it was like so highly recommended by everyone. but no, i was damn disappointed today.

staff A quoted me price A when i asked and staff B told me price B after it was printed. well, there wasn’t a vast difference so i didn’t really mind. but, the fact that i wasn’t happy about was that they could have just apologize that they quoted the wrong price when i asked to reconfirm. instead, staff A claimed that i said the price myself! like ya right.. if i can quote my own price, i wouldn’t even bother to ask la. staff B actually told me “她说是你自己讲的。” can you believe how ridiculous that statement is? i totally gave him the WTF look but however pissed i was, i decided to smile and say it’s okay. maybe next time, i’ll not go back there again. (:

work was damn tiring today and i shall skip the details. IT show until Sunday. i don’t know why but i actually feel like going. not alone though. maybe i should just use the time on my projects instead..

can’t believe i looked forward.