the avoidance.

sudoku from the 4Page kept me occupied for 5 minutes during the boring marcom lecture. seems like i’m paying lesser attention in class nowadays. on random notes..

  • i wished i could draw or just, design, better.
  • i saw teddy today and thought i haven’t seen him for long.
  • i missed him a little. (:
  • the MnP photoshoot photos are awesome.
  • but i still didn’t like mine.
  • someone stepped on my wires today and off my laptop power unknowingly.
  • i was pissed.
  • i swore with the F word for more than a dozen times today.
  • projects are piling but i’m setting them aside.
  • the bloody letter D on my keyboard is kinda spoilt.
  • i’m having difficulty typing fast with the spoilt D.
  • i so want to see a rainbow right now.
  • bitching buddy suggested that i see the moon instead.
  • the moon is really blurred because the clouds covered it up.
  • bitching with the bitching buddy does brighten up my day night.
  • i’m addicted to gossip girl once again.
  • i want to watch marley and me.
  • i spent 5 minutes typing this 18 random thoughts.

i think i need some sleep. no, maybe i need to type out what babe wrote for the projects today. no, shit. what’s wrong with me and this pointless entry? i guess i just wanted to share that i completed a sudoku? ha. ha. ha.

go away.