time out.

went to do my brows just now and had a long long chat with the aunty aesthetician. she was duper friendly and i really enjoyed the conversation with her. at the end of everything, she told me my mum was lucky to have me as her daughter because she said i was a sensible kid. hahah, so much for praises on first interaction. and yes, i think i might just be a regular there in future. (:

anyways, project meetings are filling up my organiser; documents and research pages are flooding my taskbar. sigh. quoting from sab, sometimes i really can’t stand our groupie. not in a bad way. we get so indecisive at times that we are changing our product AGAIN with only 2 weeks to deadline. which means, we haven’t got started with the report. i’ve this feeling history is so going to repeat itself. like how we did for MR, i seriously wonder how long we can get that lucky. this sem is just so screwed. well, at least a HD for the SQ case study is shedding a some light in this whole dark cave..