happy birthday daddy love;
happy belated birthday raisa love!

Sunday was a really stormy day. been ages since i last experienced lightnings and thunders like that. should have chose to sleep instead of trying to work on projects because the progress was bad. spent more than half of the time covering my ears instead. haha. the rain was so heavy, small twigs and leaves from the tree got stuck to my windows. but the happy thing is, i was indoors the entire time and was only out when water don’t drop from the skies anymore. (:

headed out to the cathay for a movie with a couple of the council peeps. they were planning to watch Dragonball Evolution while i suggested the above. well, i’m not sure if there were any regrets by anyone but i was pretty sure this will be a better choice compared to the former. it’s a very family show but not too bad a catch. out of a sudden, i could understand why zhili loved The Rock so much last time. he’s quite charming actually. heh.

the movie-goers of the night, minus keith who was the photographer. (: ANYWAYS, my plans for that night was actually a surprise crash at dearest’s place at 12am. but gave up the idea when the dear girl failed to answer my calls. was afraid i’d make a wasted trip but it was later that i realised found out her mum knew about the plans and was expecting me! so she actually rushed my dear girl and even summoned her friends to send her home. hahaha. had i known earlier, i’d have liaised with them beforehand.

felt so bad to have troubled so many people. especially the erjie who called home from Australia to tell her mum of my plans and yishian who stayed up so late to stand by smuggling me into the condo. of course, not to forget teck and company whom i initially made to send me back home ASAP because of that. thank you BUT sorry everyone! so, plans cancelled and we went for supper before teck sent us home. thank you dude! (:

spent the next day in my sleepy mood at work. had a lot to eat and i really meant A LOT. oh, on that issue, i’m glad-and-also-sad to announce that i’ve gained back the 2kg i lost previously. *laughs out loud* well well, tell me why i’m not surprised!

and yups, 16th March marks the birthday of my dearest bestie.. the planned surprise wasn’t that surprising anymore but i decided to call the other two dear girls along so that sasa could receive her presents on the actual day. (:

and thankfully, to yishian again, we managed to get to her door step which only requires her to open the door to see us. ANYWAYS, TELL ME WHY SHE DRESSES SO NICELY AT HOME?!

the pretty cupcakes ting bought.

and the grumpy-looking-but-still-one-who-played-a-very-important-role mr gaw yi shian. i swear he has been such a great help and an awesome forgiving man. thank you so so so much for helping me us complete this whole thing. poor him had to come along and stay with us throughout the hour plus while we chatted because he forgetfully left his house keys in my car. hahaha.

opening her present from us. yes, it was the lomo fisheye 2! thank you zihui for giving me a clue where to get it. it’s really really pretty lah. so pretty i feel like owning one myself. ): in any case, hopefully the girl likes it because we took the idea from her very detailed wishlist! girl, i think you should cancel the strawberry pocky and chocolate hello panda too because i got them for you as well! hahaha.

and that is my beloved DAZ! sometimes, impromptu meet-ups are so much more complete than planned ones, hor?

till 11pm? think again. i think we left at 12.30am? hahah.

oh btw, because of the lomo camera craze again, i felt a need to SEARCH for my MIA vivitar. wanted to bring it along with me to Taiwan last year but i couldn’t. well, i’m so glad i finally found it today! can’t believe i kept it in such an obvious location and actually forgot all about it. in any case, it’s back it’s back and we shall go for some phototherapy this Friday! should be time to get the previous roll of film developed too because it’s been.. more than half a year. heh.

in the midst of rushing report, i headed to vivocity to collect daddy’s birthday cake sis ordered from awfully chocolate. was pretty reluctant at first but decided i should do something. hahaha.

we bought champagne and some party stuffs as well and gave daddy a quick mini celebration just now. photos are on FB, as usual and i think daddy looked like a happy overaged kid. hehe. so yups, that’s two birthdays of my two loves in two days. (:

but i looked like the birthday girl more, don’t i?

alrights, shall get back to my reports as soon as i finish uploading the pictures to FB. because it’s going to be such a busy week. btw, i think i’m such a procrastinator when it comes to school work but never one when it comes to commitments to FB and blog. tell me why! tsktsk.. and on a serious note, EXAM SCHEDULE IS OUT! omgomgomg. *pulls hair and goes crazy*

breaking free.