sober up,

over are the days! alright, maybe just A day. started only mugging for my last paper yesterday and i even felt asleep and watch TV in between. as if i wasn’t distracted enough, daddy was watching dramas right in front of me! tell me how to concentrate! anyways, i must say i was so darn stressed the whole morning before the paper but so far so good, the paper went pretty alright and IT’S OVER! now it’s freedom and more time for everything. hang on everyone else who still have wars to fight! it’ll be over soon. (:

as planned, went Gelare for our waffles day after the paper! *yum yum* terry and kerk were buddy enough to travel to school and wait while we were taking our paper. oh wait, maybe just terry.. i left the exam hall early and kerk reached school later than me! *laughs*

then, we caught an awesome movie right after. although it was quite old already, i thought it was the most worthy show to catch. the whole plot was simply intriguing; the dad is like a super man. but i feel for all the bad people in the story because almost all of them were killed by him. maybe we shouldn’t travel to Paris alone to save us from all these troubles.. hahaha.

and it’s all over.