too lazy for a detailed update; don’t seem to have much photos to blog about anyways. photo-taking these days seem to be at its minimum. but well, some happenings…

  • 4 episodes of My Queen.
  • supper picnic with my girlies at bottle tree park.
  • chilled at some random playground at yishun.
  • played the swing!
  • finally saw the sun.
  • tanned at babe’s.
  • almost fainted in the toilet because of the heat.
  • got a little redder.
  • broke my own record on Guitar Geek.
  • virgin mani and pedicure at Jurong Point.
  • am loving it but still thinks it’s a waste of money.
  • heavy traffic jam on PIE-AYE.
  • late for council AGM in school.
  • very stunned to be in the logistic team.
  • satisfied with the new excos.
  • tagged ourselves in amelia’s birthday photos.
  • gotta continue with My Queen..

that should be about all for the main and random pointers for these two days. i so need a dress for D&D. hope tmr will be fruitful. (:

i don’t know, don’t ask me.