yet another lazy day… heh. point form blogging is not too bad. just no pictures to make the post interesting. bear with it till i feel hardworking again alrights? (:

  • received a package from Japan! *excited*
  • created a “How well do you know me” quiz.
  • lunch @ hua jing.
  • trimmed my brows.
  • purchased a package of 12 sessions.
  • accompanied bro to RELC.
  • shopped at town.
  • bought a couple of little random accessories.
  • met sis.
  • bumped into fion!
  • continued shopping in town.
  • bought a dress for d&d.
  • sis paid for it! (THANKYOUS! ♥)
  • dinner at home.
  • jogged around the neighborhood with bro.
  • i think it’s 1.7km 1.93km! (it’s just the beginning)
  • swallowed a mini snickers bar.
  • checked out the answers for the quiz.
  • totally cheered up by all the wrong answers.
  • loves fion because she’s the highest scorer so far.
  • beat her and i’ll love you too. LOL!
  • gotta continue with My Queen.
take it slow.