a while ago,

2 months plus since my last lazy update. it’s a good way to blog about a number of events when there are no pictures to make it interesting. was a long day out yesterday. shall summarise in lazy point form, short and sweet. sweet, right? heh.

  • meeting freshies at interview week duty outside council room.
  • attending sleeping through half of boring sales strategy lecture.
  • Wii at games room with enemy ron.
  • dinner at Suntec NYNY with fellow councilors.
  • supper dessert with clique at Serangoon Gardens ICE3 Cafe.
  • tau huay at Geylang.
  • life-threatening ride home at front passengers’ seat.

i think i need to start screaming less when vehicles approach. at least, need to try not to freak out too much. yes. i’m trying to overcome this fear of mine. that shall start later when i drive to school. note to self: buses and big vehicles ain’t as close as them seem to be. yes. keep that in mind please..

i thought i felt your existence.