sometimes, i feel sorry for the sales strategy lecturer. probably he’s just too boring; or better said, it could be the module. haha. anyways, there was a pathetic amount of 28 (yes, i counted) people in Class B lecture yesterday. and i think he was quite “smart” to ask whether we wanted to continue or a break. and so, majority asked for a break and that “break” meant dismissal for about half the class. right, i wasn’t there, to count, again, how many people are left..

lecture notes become my drawing block when classes get boring. i think i need to print more graphics or cartoons or whatsoever and put in my file just to prepare for art class. there’s nothing much that’s worth or easy enough to copydraw around me. nopes, i can’t do real-life sketches. oh btw, i think tweety looks really out of shape.

met up with OG Constipation after a short trip to the library and the few of us headed to De Coder’s cafe at Clementi. i think the Balmoral outlet is more comfy in terms of the furnishing but the staff was more friendly at this one. and imagine, for the whole 4 hours we were there, we were the ONLY customers. *laughs* so yup, the staff had all the time to entertain and play with us and it just seemed like we booked the entire cafe..

wilson kinda found his long-lost brother. he was constantly trying to communicate with that pig-lookalike cow soft toy. should have taken a video to show how silly he looked.

and talking about videos, i think zhi qiang uploaded a good ELEVEN videos of us doing forfeits. we played this dino game which earned almost all of us at least one forfeit. and that picture above is one of simin’s forfeit – change your clothes with another person. so yup, there we changed our outer outfit. ps: i like her top, very much!

there was only a very miserable amount who turned up but i had a fun evening with them. a table could only take 6 anyways. thankyou for not outcasting this part-time OGL (me). heh.

no more classes for this week and i was just about to start enjoying my long weekends. projects haven’t seem to be on my priority list yet; the stress just probably hasn’t set in. oh well, promised evans to be in school to help out for bazaar stuff later on and i’m going to work again, as usual, tmr. hopefully the following two S days will be filled before the start of week 5, when i promised myself to start working on the assignments. till then…

i don’t know what i want anymore.