can’t figure.

sometimes, i wonder if i lost the time, the skills, or the interest to do what i want to do. take this blog as the simplest form of example. i always loved to have it in my own personalised template. and i almost will never open it to public before i’m done. i’d rather stay on old skins which i’ve been using for months but just will never use something called an in-built template. (well, that’s the reason why i paid for Custom CSS anyways) but look what’s happening now! i’m trying to accept the fact that i’m tired now and don’t feel like editing it at all. worse, i don’t even feel like reverting it back to my older personalised template. *laughs*

okay. pardon me for the paragraph of unknown whines. guess i was just doing some soul-searching within. well, i probably just grew up, am older already thus less particular about such insignificant stuff. too tired to always go after these somehow. i seem to have lost myself somewhere. but i actually felt like a part of me have moved on..

but i’m entering into another pit.