a click away.

falling sick over the weekends and recovering soon enough for work actually kinda sucks but well, i caught up with a handful of shows with all the me-times. other than that, most of my free time was spent deals-shopping, blogshopping, gmarket-ing, jipaban-ing and all. by the way, online shopping has always been an addiction and i must say, i am one addict.

i probably spent like a-quarter to a-third of my pay for the past month buying things (online) and the thing is, i can’t stop! well, at least the fact that it makes me happy makes everything worthwhile i guess? *laughs

then again, i really really need to save up some money for a good holiday and *ahem* for future use. been eating quite a fair bit into my savings account which is not very healthy. i really hope i’ll get an increment soon to cover all my expenses but for now, i guess the only way is to CONTROL.

anyways, it’s the 3rd day of May and we’re done with 50% of the PH for the month. not like the holiday on Saturday gonna make any difference (considering my company ain’t gonna compensate any off-in-lieus) though. it’s supposed to be a VERY busy month but right now, i’m still sitting on all the to-dos. i’m so sure i’m going to regret big time….

can’t wait for next month-end to come for my little getaway to Perth to see my beau. so wanna take a break from work. if only air-tickets are free or leaves are unlimited… yea, dream on.

51 more days!