yesterday was nights out with the clique. asked for the outing because i was too deprived of life for the past 5 days – working. was damn looking forward to friday which marks the beginning of my long-awaited weekend. wanted it to be a photography outing but in the end, we didn’t have much to do. i’m really sorry cos i was the one who kinda forced everyone to come along but THANKS anyway for still agreeing to come out!

after 3 long years, we’ve officially completed our diploma and reached the end of our poly lives. guys going to be enlisted soon and girls, hopefully, moving on to universities. i wonder how far this friendship will go but i do cherish every moment spent with all of you! (:

had dinner at roma’s before proceeding on to suntec’s arcade for mario kart. went around taking pictures after that with my new love. however, it doesn’t seemed to be in its best condition cos i feel that my SE can do a better job. either there’s some problem with the camera itself, or that i’m just not cut out to be a photographer. but seriously, i think it’s both. HAHA

anyways, who says you can’t play around with it if you don’t have the talent? interest is enough to keep you going. so here’s a few randomly taken ones, but well.. you don’t have to appreciate them because i don’t think they are pretty too. (:

maybe this could do with some editing on PS..

i like the dramatic clouds.

with my SE K770i.

the lonely bottle.


the tunnel on my banner.



sometimes, there are certain things that cannot be changed. therefore, there’s no point letting them bother you because eventually, you’ll see a solution to it…