had an advanced celebration for daddy whose birthday falls on the 17th, which is tmr. drove sister to collect the cake at the interchange area nearby and i kinda had some driving training. drove into this carpark with so many cars jammed inside that i almost couldn’t find a way to come out. but luckily, my boy is very tiny, with no backside. LOL

i don’t know why there were only 2 candles but i know that the cake is super yummy! although we seem to buy the same premium D24 durian cake from emicakes every year (with almost the same writing on it), it never fails to satisfy our tastebuds.. (:

anyways, happy 20th birthday to my dearest RAISA! although we didn’t spend your actual day together, you do know that we love you. we shall meet up real soon alright. hmm, wednesday hopefully? s

on another note, i’ve been spending quite alot recently. birthday presents & ang baos, online sprees, as well as giving myself a new look. still more coming which includes more sprees, shoes, clothes, and certain stuff like an external hard disk & a bluetooth device. i can already foresee my march pay vanishing into the thin air..

had my haircut at jean yip today with sister. well, it was the hair products we bought that made the final bill look so wow though.. hmm, not like i’ve got a completely different hairstyle but i kinda like it now because it looks much neater. maybe only for today because it was blown dry by the hairstylist. how i wish i have somebody like that to blow my hair for me everyday. ):

and talking about sprees, i’ve been trying but yet to find nice shirt dresses. apart from that, most apparels that i have my eyes on are either too expensive or already sold out. seriously, it’s pretty depressing.. probably i should just move back to real life shopping instead..

and then again, with my recent fetish for photography, i bought a korean toy camera which will probably arrive next month. i actually wanted the vivitar ultra wide and slim (shown above) but the spree closed 2 hours before i chanced upon it. hmm, if anyone sees it somewhere (which is not ebay international), please paste me the link because i seriously want to buy it!