went chevrons to sing again. asked the gang to go in the afternoon to save us the duper late sleeps and traveling. but well, we still stayed until after 1am though we went at 2pm. totaled up to nearly half a day immersed in music.

we spent the first two hours in the same old room we were given 2 weeks ago. it was damn cheap as usual – only like $5 each. i’m kinda starting to fall in love with that place. grins*

jo playing with her fringe.

ferlyna babe and her babe.

the messy table.

the girls. ❤

we moved to the hall after that. i admit that i was super unwilling to move initially. but it wasn’t that bad afterall. firstly, there’s no cover charges – only need to buy the drinks which are damn cheap too. secondly, there’re much more things to do other than singing. lastly, it was super empty in the afternoon!

the hall was kinda dominated by US. (x

duet sing.


choosing songs.

the touch-screen system.

me & ferlyna babe.

the other entertainment – darts.

queuing up to play.

another entertainment – pool.

testing his memory of the song.

me & jo babe.

there were also dices and the photo hunt machines. one thing you can do other than all the entertainments available is just sit down and listen to others sing. the crowds started to occupy the tables from evening.. so eventually, a 5-minutes wait for the songs to be at your table became 30-minutes, then 1-hour and even longer.

however, it was kinda pathetic.. because we expected the crowd in the evening, the only thing we could do to keep our table was to stay put. so, had rong qin to buy dinner back for us and we took turns to go out and consume it..

there was this lady who’s voice was super powerful. we even clapped for her!

and then, this super cute girl too!

2½ years old – chloe.

the 4 cups of hot drinks were treated by the lady in blue (beside the baby).

looks like broad daylight but it was already 10pm i think.


we moved back into the same room at around 11pm to get more privacy and more singing opportunities. and most importantly, for the little surprise we had for jerms.

arrival of the cake.

the surprised (more like) sian look.

singing “happy birthday”..

though a little too small for 21st, it’s the thought that counts right?

birthday boy and the mini cake.

reunion of the brothers – before hsuan gets to taiwan for his one-month training.

on the van home, thanks rq for the ride! (: