too many random happenings recently and i’m seriously tired of it. one by one the thoughts accumulate and unknowingly, they come haunting me altogether.

chanced upon this small Q&A in one of the magazines and it updated my knowledge database. i’ve always thought that one will get wetter if you run in the rain – because i remembered someone telling me so when i was younger.. but now it’s proven that it’s the opposite!

have been reading forums these few days and it’s kinda demoralizing to know that most people who got their acceptance letters from local Us are those who got COM or GPA >3.7, which means that it’s pretty hopeless for me already. and i’m starting to regret not applying to SMU because that is where the most averaged-GPA graduands managed to get in..

i know i shouldn’t go on whining like there’s no tomorrow because the rejection letter has yet to come – meaning there’s still a tiny bit of chance. but, i guess it’s more practical to face the fact and start planning my alternative route instead.

anyways, happy 21st to jerms. (: