*please rise for the arrival of my new love*

heh, not a very newly-launched camera but still good. other than that it still operates on AA batteries and it’s a little more bulky, i like everything about it. afterall, it is a Performance series camera. but most importantly, it is officially my property! i won it in a competition but it’s a secret.. *smiles

hmm, here’s one good advice: don’t jinx yourself by saying something that you wouldn’t wish happening to you. these things are really spooky. hahah. it always happens to me and today is a very good example..

fion was messaging me about her having to take over the reception for an hour during lunch and there i was, laughing at her, saying how lucky i was for not being called to do it (cos my company’s receptionist was also on MC). then shortly after, the HR asst manager came over to ask if i could take over the receptionist for the day. was like OMG cos i seriously HATE answering phone calls. see how spooky it is?

oh well, but it wasn’t that bad lah. other than a few mistakes i made, the day was pretty well spent. time passed faster than usual and there were things to do – answer & transfer phone calls, stamp & sign documents, type letters, smiling to people.. i kinda like the front-desk seat actually but still, i prefer my own desk in the office. heh.

btw, Nikon is hiring! there’re two positions available – one IT and one Accounts (according to the HR asst manager). any interested parties can find the details and how to apply from Nikon’s website HERE. i was jokingly asking her if she’d hire me if i can’t get into university and her reply was: can consider. hahah! alright, i’m not cursing myself but i guess it’d be one good alternative.. *laughs