daddy made me really sad for an hour. he called to tell me i’ve a letter from NUS and i asked him to open it on my behalf. and yup, as expected, BAD news. oh right, but i felt so much happier when i reached home to see that it’s NTU instead. honestly, i don’t bear any hopes on the latter so it’s still alright. now, two more letters to decide my fate. i don’t know which i’m pinning hopes on but i’m really not expecting much already. (:

i’m going to reformat my laptop real soon. so i’ve been mass-backing up the files. i wanted to have a clean start, getting rid of everything but i guess i really ain’t that brave. still, there’re lots that i want to keep! heh.

anyways, had a very disastrous adventure this evening. took my boy out for a ride to get the hard disk from gz then drove him to bt panjang. it seems like everything’s gone wrong and for once, i felt so duper unsafe in my own car. gosh.

the bads:

  1. the car wobbled almost throughout the whole journey; i kept using the wrong gears
  2. mounted the kerb inside some carpark; was jamming my accelerator without looking
  3. almost stalled the engine with damn alot of cars behind me; wrong gear again
  4. almost bang into the van in front of me; forgot to slow down
  5. almost couldn’t make my way back; got so lost
  6. my leg almost cramped; excessive jamming of brakes & accelerator

the goods:

  1. managed to find my way back; after wasting a hell lot of petrol
  2. engine didn’t stall; almost did for a hell lot of times though
  3. my boy and i are still in one piece! (:

oh well, was an experience although not a very nice one. i swear it was one of my worst ride. unlucky you, gz.. hahaha! anyways, thanks for the hard disk!