day out with my girls. i xpro-ed all the pictures with photoshop actions! hahaha. i didn’t even know such thing existed until i read about all the alternative photography and processing of films on the forums. well, i’m now awaiting my vivitar toy to arrive before i try taking real time UNedited xpro photographs.

anyways, i still haven’t figured out our purpose of town-ing today until now. but well, at least a little away from staying home is good. right, i’m getting very cranky and jumpy and paranoid nowadays and i don’t know why. somehow, there’s so much to whine about and i can’t help saying this: LIFE SUCKS!

but don’t worry, i will try to make it all better! (:

headed down to roma’s for lunch as i wanted to look for my babes working over there to discuss some matters. seriously, the food never fails to bloat our tummies up like balloons. what’s more, i already had some lunch at home. SINFUL please…

they actually took photos without me when i was just standing right in front of them! so mean right!?! but it’s okay, i had my fair share of revenge. erm okay, or whatever word you would use on behalf of that. *laughs*

without wushuyi because she refused to join in!

without xumige because she was in the changing room..

and without both of them because i’m home. *shivers*

right, that’s not very funny i know. anyways, it’s MOTHER’S DAY tmr! what have you done for your mums? *grins* i was a very good girl this morning, accompanied mommy to the market and paid for all her expenses! i know it’s something we SHOULD do but.. i don’t usually do so lah. HEH. and well, i made her a very last minute card last night. learnt it from some children’s website but still, i’m quite proud of it. whahaha…