today’s motivation for work: two days leave on wednesday & thursday! *grins* the former is for Graduation as many of you should already know.. the latter shall be for any after-events for the former as well as giving myself some rest OR entertainment we all deserved. (:

sketched the two cute ladies in the ace attorney series. if you played the game, i’m sure you’ll know them! heh. Trucy’s face is duper out of shape but i didn’t have eraser so didn’t bother to redraw..

retail therapy with wushuyi after work. bought a couple of stuffs – all on SALE – and spent like only $60? *laughs* considered a VERY fruitful shopping trip because yesterday’s town trip with sister was totally useless. but in any case, i heart GSS! oh, almost everything at m)phosis is freaking cheap; go take a look if you don’t believe me! hmm, plus the couple of tens i spent two days ago, it’s already one-ninth of my pay gone! gosh. honestly, “earn more, spend more” is very very very TRUE. *pouts*