Graduation was a blast! we are finally truly certified poly graduates cum diploma holders now! *waves the scroll & grins proudly* the ceremony was pretty formal; coupled with the school’s splendid giant-sized convention centre, big big stage and long red carpet, it was like some kind of award ceremony you see on television..

oh well, the after dark programme was phuture with my girls plus yong beng. i think the place was 70% flooded with NP people, mostly our BA graduands. initially planned to clubhop since it was ladies night but, stayed there all the way till closing as staying there was enough to keep us high. in any case, won’t have chance to do this often so yup, enjoyed the time there anyways.

alright, since my parents weren’t able to attend my Graduation ceremony, i requested to take some photos at home with the gown before i had it returned. well, at least some memorable ones although not specially taken in the studios. cos hopefully, this is not my ONLY graduation. so yup, shall have one really nicely taken when i get my degree a few years later! (:

the most-loved in my life.

this is candid.

another shot; not a very suitable background though.

right, if you’re asking why sister is not in.. #1: she’s the photographer. #2: she was lazy to put on make up and change just to take “graduation photo” with me. so well, i don’t blame her. *laughs*

on the day of the Graduation ceremony, darling xumige came over to my place to change. so from here, we cabbed down to school with our super heavy graduation gowns hung together. it felt good to be back in school; even better to be there for our long awaited GRADUATION! it’s a kind of honour and glory you know.. heh.

here, our awards ceremony – that was one of the prize winners..

that’s our CERT and we graduated!

my cert.

can you imagine me ending the post right here? that will be so pathetic right! hahah, but i know my smart readers won’t get cheated so easily. afterall, i did write about the splendid convention hall of our dear polytechnic. *grins*

here, the beautifully decorated stage – the words changes colour!

having a familiar face – hui kee – beside me is good. (:

didn’t take any shots throughout the ceremony after it started. the walk across the big stage on the red carpet when taking the scroll seemed to take forever. i was so nervous i was afraid i’d just trip and fall or something. AND my hair was still damn flat which leaves me thinking how the professionally taken photograph will look like. *SIGH* but anyways, it’s all over. we then spent the next hour or two snapping around with everyone important.

of course, my girls! (:

not forgetting our dear pretty long lost ALTHEA!

the 3 musketeers; heng & rin!

the super crazy & gossip gang in my final year class – wei chun, hui leng & shuh huey.

the Swiss gang – yan jie, zheng ji, zhi wei & george. yong ming’s missing! ):

my favourite lecturer & tutor – mr tan kim tian (a.k.a ah tian)
that’s him in the DAY, you’ll see him again later.. =p

part of my class with ah tian before i went for IAP.

pretty crazy irritating eeyer amelia.

my most beloved clique minus zz.

scrolls! =D

spot me! you’ll get a prize if you do..
HAHAHA, no lah. that’s my girls’ class..

my girls with the top student! seriously, he IS amazing! (:

us again!

the lookalikes.

the kmates.

the dancing partners!

the jokers – iwan & gabriel.

kaiquan & weishu.

randomly bumped into – weijia.

actually i think there’re so many others i needed and should have taken photographs with! either i didn’t manage to find them or was too lazy to approach. but in any case, it’s kinda late to be talking about it now. heh.

next up, the night at phuture. chilled at the table before we hit the dance floor when we had to give up the table for the reserved guests. anyways, i kept getting touched by a couple of people! but hmm, the one who MOLESTED me the most, is someone with the surname of KOH. well, go figure why i didn’t actually slap that person. LOL

outside, while waiting to go in.

the very classic YB face and i still find it very funny looking at it now. hahaha.

my girls; still very sober then..

there, ah tian at night! was so surprised to see him there please.. think the guys invited him over and he even brought his wife. so cute loh.

funny faces & kisses.

the red cross says: censored. :X

the lookalikes not very alike because someone’s quite tipsy already.

wushuyi – the kmate who doesnt sing with me anymore. ):

i forgot what’s up with this pic but it was supposed to be funny.

posers! =p

the table; the company for the night.

accompanied the not-very-sober to the toilet…

and she tried to act sober.

went over zouk to take a look at mambo & it was really nice.

one of my favourite shots..

weng fai.

still cam-whoring..

the mad girls! go figure who they are.. =p

after the music stopped & the lights are back;
nice dancing with my dancing partner! s

somewhere on the roads.

breakfast at McDonald’s and wushuyi’s wasted!
okay lah, she was just tired. (:

and that pretty much sums up my Graduation 2008! other photos will be up on facebook soon. glad we stayed home today though. i actually spent the whole day writing up this entry. well, some credits for my beautifully crafted post? *laughs* back to work tomorrow! it’s TGIF and it’s gonna be weekends again. YAY! =D