finally back to work after so many days of rest. first thing i received in the morning was an envelope with these 4 GV movie vouchers from my colleague. thanks dear! shall give my family a “treat” as soon as some blockbuster movie hits the theatre. (:

for the whole day, it’s like i’m living in a dream. too many things going on in my mind that i can’t really figure what i am thinking of. seems so lost, caught in between, i really don’t know what route to take..

right, NUS appeal period starts today, all the way until 5th June. i have been staring at this page since logging in this morning but i’m still in a blank at what to write. in fact, i don’t know if i should even squeeze any brain juice into crapping the whole load of words which, most likely, won’t get me a place in there anyway.

as if i’m not in enough dilemma, i saw this big fat envelope from SIM as soon as i got home. is it like a letter day or something? had one more asking me to join the police force and another from red cross society to go donate blood. but all in all, i guess the only envelope i appreciated was the first one with the Nikon logo on it. *laughs*

as expected, SIM doesn’t reject people. like however late i am in applying for it, i’m still offered a place. i remembered treating this like a lottery when i applied. but tell me why i don’t feel happy striking it! i don’t know if i should take up the offer. i don’t know if i should really work for a year and try NUS again next year. i don’t know if it’ll be worth it at all. i don’t know what to do.

there are pros and cons in every choice, which is very normal of course.. but the opportunity cost of each choice is really kinda hefty. the degree, the university, the interest, the money, the time, the jobs, the prestige, the feelings, the this & the that; tell me what i am looking at right now? *SIGH*

on a lighter note, happy birthday to gerrard! he turns 28 today and that makes him 8 years older than i am! but then again, it makes me wonder what i’d become in 8 years’ time – where will i be, what is in store for me? people always say: “get lost & you’ll find your way..” but, i’m lost right now and how do i go about finding my way? i’ve always sucked at directions. why? even on the road of my own life, i can get so lost; it’s pathetic..