first things first; here’s one of the first few photos we took as a group last night. am actually pretty lazy to arrange all other photos to blog so yea, can check them out in my facebook album if you want. but don’t say i didn’t warn you, most of them are camwhoring shots. anyways, i was told i laughed a lot last night, can’t really remember but i guess it’s not surprising since the group of people are all so funny! hahah.. and please, i wasn’t the only drunk one. *looks at guy on right hand side of picture* :X

spent a very unproductive and wasted day in school today. all geared up with my laptop, actually intended to do my project and tutorials but i ended up staring into blank air for 3-4 hours and coming out with only FIVE pathetic words in my report. *sigh*

oh well, the main objective of going school was still the SC interview. seriously, should have known better that i’m still unable to overcome my fear of public speaking. very very disappointed, with myself that is.. probably i should have just backed out and stay virtual to save myself from some stress and embarassment. *laughs* okay lah, guess it’s not THAT bad but i can pretty much conclude that i still haven’t found the courage and way to present myself. way to go, tsehwee..