so much temptations. got reminded by dancing partner about my new year resolutions 2008 while talking to her last night. hahaha. so yea, i went back to my old blog and reviewed on them. i think the first one is pretty well done but for the second…… still trying, i guess?

talking about old blog, i kinda missed blogger; the numerous colourful blogskins i used to do up. wordpress is so restricted because i’m not that pro with CSS. *sighs* and talking about missing things, i missed my green hair too. okay, i meant strips of it. thinking of doing it again, only that this time, on my real hair.. HMMM….

headaches back for visiting again. but well, MR tutorial is down and OB is 5% done. not very productive for a stay-home day i know but at least, i’m getting started. taking a break now to get dinner cooked. till then.. (: