• an itouch for my mobile surf
  • a portable hard disk for my songs & photos
  • a thumbdrive for transferring files
  • a memory card & rechargeable batteries for my camera
  • a bluetooth device for connecting my phone
  • a GPS for directions on the car

so many wants but i think most of them are becoming needs soon. well, i suppose 1.5k is enough to settle them. oh wait, probably not. because there’s one more i wanna add..

  • a new laptop to take over my 3.5 years old baby

HMM. seems like they all come down to just one need – a job. because my savings are depleting so much and so fast, i can’t seem to afford my wants anymore. if only i don’t have to pay for the coming year-end Taiwan trip myself.. trust me, the $800 makes a huge difference. but then again, i guess the thing i need the most now should be TIME. nothing can be achieved without it.

alrights, it’s a bad whining Sunday yet again. i should be concentrating on my projects instead of rambling here. anyways, happy mid-autum festival! hopefully the rain can stop soon; don’t spoil everyone’s mood for celebrations! (:

and you, are so impossible..