happy birthday FION!

spent a great time with the clique just now. can’t remember when was the last time i actually carried a lantern on mid-autumn festival! hahaha. with 5 people sleeping so soundly in front of me now, i’m starting to wonder why i don’t feel tired..

so, i’ve decided to be efficient for the night day and upload all the photos and videos onto facebook since i reckon i won’t have time to edit them to blog here. so yea, check them out at FB alrights? more to be up laters when my darling get them uploaded. heh.

anyways, to console myself that i’m not wasting time staying up till this EARLY, i’ve just completed my MR tutorial due on Tuesday! heh. at least, i’ve done something constructive. and now i’m starting to understand how people can tahan staying up because when you seriously get working on stuffs, you’re immuned to tiredness. but on a random note, I’M DAMN HUNGRY RIGHT NOW AND THERE’S NOTHING TO EAT! ):

hmm.. looking at the clock, it’s another 3 hours before i have to be up and get my ass to school. thankfully, bernie is coming to fetch me! because zz’s house is so so so inaccessible and inconvenient to get to school, i really really appreciate the offer. THANKS BERNIE in advance!