afraid of history repeating.

heh, tsehwee is a happy girl. cos these are the exact grades she was aiming for this semester after completing the 4 papers.. haha. not like it’s DAMN GREAT but hopefully i can maintain it like this for the next 2 semesters. after all, it’s only my first semester in SIM and one tends to slack off.. (:

anyways, was working yesterday and decided to pack the “CD rack” a little. this rack was supposed to be for pastries but since we ain’t selling them anymore, boss decided to use the place to put the albums. we have like 2 more CD bags in the cupboard but these are the newer ones.

my boss is very hip one okays. he’s got like most of the newest albums in the market. but yea lah, mostly chinese ones. the only english CDs he has that i like is Mariah Carey’s E=MC2 and Chris Daughtry’s Daughtry. and that, the picture above, is his newest addition to the collection. actually i’ve all the tracks of whichever albums he bought. could have burnt for him if he wants. but guess that isn’t very good if any piracy people comes to check right? haha.

and i think my dinner yesterday is quite pretty. heh. more good food to come. gonna work for the next two days and i’ll be doing a weight check. i think all the cheese are really making me fat. hahaha, in any case, wish me luck, people!

sometimes i keep thinking about it; i wonder and i try to make sense of it. at times i wished i can just clarify all my doubts or even explain myself but more of the times, i think it’s redundant. right now, i feel that the best choice is just to push it all to the back of my mind.. on another issue, i’m so afraid history will repeat itself. maybe i’m thinking too much but i really hate having this fear. haha, i guess only jul knows what i’m saying for this. but seriously, after a year, i really don’t appreciate this dumb thing coming back to me. *SIGH* someone, please save me…. ):