for all that matters,

i think i need more interesting photos on my blog. but for now, i’m making do with snapshots and pictures of objects. anyways, i think that salespeople can really cross- and up-sell well. or perhaps, i’m just a very easy customer. for just an eyeliner, i got myself an additional of two items. hur hur. rights. back to work, solitaired instead of reading my notes during free time, i just love the feeling of being able to slack without any guilt again. then, boss is out of town till tmr so yup, guess i’ll only get my pathetic pay on Friday..

i drank two different teas today. idk why i’m quite into tea these days. i wonder if it comes with the age. hahaha, i used to detest them so much when i was younger that i can always find excuses why i shouldn’t drink it. *laughs* oh, i still dislike green tea though. those canned or bottled ones i mean. i’m fine with the hot tea bag kind. in fact, i’m loving it. (:

brother and mike came over for dinner. then brother sent me home before we head out for supper and talktalk-sessions again. i guess sometimes it’s just good to hear and see from different viewpoints. perhaps i’m just too nosy, i always like to gain knowledge about things going on around me. occasionally, more than what i should. i just don’t like the idea of being kept in the dark although i always do that to other people. hahaha, let’s just term this as being selfish. well, and i’m still learning, to be liberal. at times, the process of growing up just exhaust my entire engine pipe..

on a side note, after a bet with myself, yet again, i think i know what i want. as sure as you might seem to be (or i thought you to be), i guess there are still doubts; or rather, plenty of doubts. that’s exactly the point i want to bring across when i tried to reply in a right state of mind. i know it’s been long since that but i was just thinking about it again. now that i re-read it, maybe i just thought too highly of myself or simply misread the entire meaning. well, for now, let’s just hope for the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people! i want to be a utilitarian! heh.

maintain status quos.