i didn’t give up,

so tired recently i’ve no idea why. sometimes i just lose interest in things that used to be fun to me. maybe i don’t adore holidays as much as i thought i would. side tracking, it really pisses me off when all you simply have to do is acknowledge the sms by replying an “OK” or anything else. i really detest the feeling of putting in effort for everything, despite my busy schedule, but things cannot be done because i don’t get a response; there are certain things that needs a group decision, not just mine alone. anyways, been checking for assignment results for weeks but nothing has been released. been checking for new episodes for red thread as well but they are also not updated. grr.. i don’t like being kept in suspense and having to continue waiting forever for the unknown. ):

met babe on Thursday at town to do a little shopping. i was like collecting all the pamphlets and brochures for the mani/pedi services. maybe i’ll find some time to sort out the info and choose one to go next week. was supposed to head down to dblO that night with the groupie but i had to opt out because daddy wasn’t very happy about it. i’m really sorry, girls, for always failing to turn up for gatherings like that. but i know you girls still had an awesome night without me. *smiles* i promise, i’ll try to make it for the next one, if there’s any..

caught a movie at WM with jerms instead. i don’t remember watching any movies or TV series of such “star whatever” type of shows and i’m definitely not a fan of them. but i must say i really liked the effects, and even the storyline of this movie. i personally think that it’s a pretty good catch this season. PS: i think Chris Pine is cute. (:

work yesterday was pretty exhausting, having the place packed with people during the peak dinner hours. but thank goodness, all – the settings, the customers, the orders, the food, the situations – was good. heh. but i was very hungry because i only had a meal there, which i address as my all-time favourite.

brother came over to fetch me home to bathe from work before we head down to Bukit Timah I.R.C to join the others for LAN. hahah, i think almost 90% of the people there were playing L4D. the place was overwhelmed with all the zombies and gun shots. rights, i played for awhile and gave up because nobody was playing with me and i don’t find the singleplayer shit interesting at all. so, went out for a spin with brother and grabbed some bites.

ended the night with talktalk-session at MMJD and thankyou brother for all the free rides i exchanged with a bowl of mushroom soup. LOL! on a side note, i can’t wait for a KTV session because it’s like taking forever to happen! hopefully there won’t be any changes for Sunday..

i merely accepted the fact.