happy mothers’ day!

that’s like the simplest and cheapest set of present i ever got for mummy. too broke to buy her better stuff, unlike sis who got her a pair of SK earrings. but no matter what, it’s always the thought that counts! didn’t exactly spend the day with her either cos she’s busy with her own stuffs too. but i’m sure receiving our cards and presents the first thing in the morning does make her day so much brighter. heh. rights, 母亲节快乐 to all the greatest mums in the world!

on Saturday, headed to Deli Vege in the afternoon with JH for the birthday treat i owed him since… 2 months ago. *laughs* i actually thought the spaghetti at Roma’s tasted better but i still like the environment and menu at DV. i wanna go again some day to try all other specialties on their menu..

then we walked around Chinatown for awhile after the meal and i saw this shop that i decided to get a little something for mummy. took a snapshot of the master at work! the words were a little out of place but all in all, still quite pretty lah. (:

back home and helped mummy out with her cake-making. i really suck at decorating and we both had no idea what to do so we simply placed all the fruits on top. hahaha. speaking of decorating, i so need to find inspirations on what design i want for my birthday cake. time to head to the library soon i guess..

rare sight! sis woke up early this morning to have breakfast with us. heh. been long since we went out for breakfast as a family because she just never seemed to willingly wake up. hahah. anyways, i gave them all a treat since i got my pay on Friday. oh well, actually my pay is almost all used up alr. all the treats and presents are sucking me dry…

highlight of the day was Chevrons with the gang. yes, my long awaited KTV session! tried their heavily advertised cocktail – Chevrons Sling and i must say i really don’t like the taste of it. must be the rum..

with ferlyna babe; almost the only other photo taken today.

brother trying to act emo. or trying to act.. idk what actually. hahah. anyways, had a great 5 hours of music blasting into my ears but the session wasn’t very much enjoyable because the terrible headache monster had to pester me. it almost killed me while on my way home from the bus stop. but somehow, facing the computer just seems to take away the pain temporarily. *laughs* but as much as i hate it, just got THREATENED to take some pills. so yup, let’s see if the panadol EXTRA i just consumed is going to work…