knowing limits.

finally went for the SIA cabin crew interview after so long. been contemplating, deciding, and chickening out for the past 2 times in the last 3 months. well, i probably mustered enough courage from ting but yups, as expected, i didn’t even go through the 1st round. nopes, i’m not disappointed but in fact, happy that i went because at least now i know how it is like and i swear it’s so much better than i expected. (:

by the way, it just came to me that everything really happens for a reason. the process i went through and all. like, i got separated with ting for the “grouping” which made me a little lost BUT, if not for so, i wouldn’t have met and made a new friend. and i guess she might just become my kaki for cabin crew interviews in future if i ever go for the next one. heh.

oh and ya, it wasn’t actually my dream to fly anyways. maybe i’m just in denial. somehow, i just wanted a change, a getaway from the reality in life i’m having now. plus, it’s probably that i STILL haven’t figured what i want for myself. which is why, if given a chance, i really hope to fly, leave this place and go somewhere far far away. well well, technically speaking, i guess that IS still a dream, yea? *laughs*

rights, and as i was saying, i’m glad i went still. for people contemplating, do just go and try! if it’s alright for people like me, there shouldn’t be a problem for anyone else. just a simple self intro and answering a question for round 1. just ace it and up you go on the ladder of the interview process! heh. by the way, the question for the 10 people in my group was “who is the one person who inspires you the most; why?”. yea, the exact same question that i blanked out for 5 seconds upon answering. HAHAH

still hopes for a change..