caught The Dark Knight Rises with a couple others last night. have been looking forward to it since i booked the tickets few weeks back. i must say, given its size, i was surprised the JCube’s IMAX theatre provided a better IMAX experience than the one at Lido. well, probably also because we had the best available seats, it totally felt like being in a personal home theatre with loads of leg space and a gigantic screen right in front of your eyes.

anyways, i was never a fan of all the superheroes shows. every now and then, i’ll just catch one when it’s out, just for the sake of watching those “top box office” blockbusters and all but never really understood them. it’s quite amazing how i’ve been after these shows and actually started understanding the background and storyline, and even the characters now! well, of cos i’m still not as good as to know all the history of those superheroes as they were in the comics but i can at least say i’m not as ignorant as i used to be.

i’ve to admit, though, that my job played a big part in this. for instance, if i haven’t been handling the few Batman games recently, i wouldn’t even have known characters like Bane, or that Catwoman was actually a villian.. although the games far differs from the comics and films, the basic idea or concept of that particular franchise is still there anyways..

AND, i’m glad i’ve a great man who loves catching shows as much as i do, be it new or old. i’ll never forget how we re-watched Harry Potter from the first film all the way till 7.1 before going to the cinemas for 7.2. we watched the 5 Marvel films – The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor & Captain America – as well before catching The Avengers. and of cos, we did Batman Begins & The Dark Knight before TDK Rises yesterday. he even caught Twilight with me from the 1st film to the current. PS: i know how some guys detest the whole series. thanks baby, you’re the best thing that happened to me.