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just can’t stop..

pokie is back from Korea and we had donuts for teabreak. they were yummilicious. BF is giving me a big headache. funshion, tom365 and tudou are really distracting. i have about exactly a week to complete my individual assignment before it is due. i wished it is December now. ):

dozing off.

Gaining weight

the bet is over,

working on Saturdays are, as usual, fun and so much better than Fridays. too bad, i don’t have much opportunities like that. hahah. lunch was prepared by claudia and chen ling, superb yummy. i think i really REALLY should learn how to cook soon. if not, i’ve no idea how i can survive in future. oh wells. anyways, i had a good weekend spent with my fellow Ev*lutioners. (:

the 22 hours and before..

Fresh sem

if it hurts,

school has finally started again. paid the school fees on Monday, which hopefully, will be the last cheque we’ll write to SIM. booth duty for recruitment & refund before class followed by lunch at Makan Place with buddy and kerkie. i like the new vege stall better – the menu, the promotion, and especially the staff. class was alright, but i wasn’t. the headache made me tired, i slept almost throughout the class. thankyous kerkie for the jacket. (:

first 2 days of school.

The 2nd gift

if it’s the thought that counts.

ingredients shopping at Phoon Huat with g and mama wu in the morning after brunchie before heading back to their place for a cake-baking session. heh. objective? prepare our very own birthday cake for the celebration of the birthdays of the 2 boys of the clique!

our mocca evasion.


the aroma.

finally settled my cravings for the cookies yesterday. been craving for it since, i think, the 2nd day of PC show. *crunch crunch, yums yum* anyways, settled some domestic stuff and headed out to town with g for some presents shopping. in the meantime, was shopping for our own stuff because it’s the GSS! anyhow, i thought ION Orchard was opened already but somehow, couldn’t find the entrance. *laughs*

shopping and midnight movie.

The M day

happy mothers’ day!

that’s like the simplest and cheapest set of present i ever got for mummy. too broke to buy her better stuff, unlike sis who got her a pair of SK earrings. but no matter what, it’s always the thought that counts! didn’t exactly spend the day with her either cos she’s busy with her own stuffs too. but i’m sure receiving our cards and presents the first thing in the morning does make her day so much brighter. heh. rights, 母亲节快乐 to all the greatest mums in the world!

the weekend.

Bad sem

i just want to cry out loud.

spent 9 hours re-typing my notes for ethics and i actually thought i knew most things about these three thinkers pretty well enough for the paper. but sigh, the paper really startled me. the questions were all so TOO specific that you just KNOW, or DON’T KNOW the answers. there was no way you could crap them out. plus, he set the word limits like.. less than 30, 45, 170 words for the answers and you JUST know if you’ll get that 10 marks or not. within 30 minutes, i walked out of the exam hall. sigh, i must say, i’m defeated in all 3 wars so far; just hope the last one will be better. ):

after paper.

So close

that moment.

it’s currently darkness at SIM now so i suppose the only way i can spend time is with my laptop. anyways, i almost lost my life, or rather, at least half of my life yesterday. idk what was wrong with me either; was so lost in my own world of thoughts that i actually crossed the road when the other side of the traffic light turned green. was still wondering why the cars were moving towards me when i got my senses back. quickly made my way back to safety and i reckon the people around there must have thought i was crazy to walk into the traffic with the vehicles approaching. hur. and to be honest, i was pretty traumatized, i couldnt think straight for the entire journey to work. *laughs* thinking back, if the cars were to be faster or i were to be slower for a couple of seconds, the traffic light in front of my block would have been an accident scene..

of work, bake and cake.

So weak


skipped class today to tidy up some loose parts of the reports. nothing much constructive done; can’t imagine what it’ll be like if the deadline wasn’t extended to Saturday. oh well. at least now we’ve one more extra day! it’s 11 more days before i gain freedom from the deadlines. endure! anyways, was pretty amazed to see bueno white at the stalls so i bought a packet for lunch. heh. i thought it was a new thing when i saw it in Taiwan, didn’t know Singapore has it too..

projects and side track.

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